18th Century Europe

Scientific Revolution


     Overview of the Scientific Revo2lution
     Galileo Project
     Francis Bacon – On the Advancement of Learning
     Sir Isaac Newton — Principia Mathematica
     The Newton Project
     Andreas Vesalius – De Humani Coporis Fabrica
     Guide to Kuhn’s Scientific Revolutions
     Exhibition of Scientific Instruments
     Voltaire – On the Royal Academy


     Lecture on the Scientific Revolution
     Mr. Byrd Scientific Revolution
     Tom Richey – Scientific Revolution


Web Resources

     Early Modern Philosophy Course
     Western Civ Lecture – Enlightened Absolutism
     Electronic Enlightenment – Lives and Letters
     Stanford – Super Enlightenment Project
     UK – Scottish Enlightenment
     Open University – Scottish Enlightenment
     Murray Rothburd – Scottish Enlightenment and Presbyterianism
     Fordham – Enlightenment Primary Sources
     Voltaire Foundation – Home
     Tout Voltaire – Complete Works
     Info – Complete Works of Rousseau
     ARTFL – Search Rousseau
     Collaborative Encyclopedie
     ARTFL – Search Encyclopedia; Source 2
     IEP – Cesare Baccaria
     David Hume Archive
     Jeremy Bentham Labyrinth
     Kant on the Web
     17th and 18th Century Mathematicians
     Linnean Corresondence Project
     Digital Lavater – Newcastle Edition

Video Resources

     Yale John Merriman – Enlightenment and Public Sphere
     Berkley – Enlightenment
     Lecture on the Enlightenment
     Mr. Byrd – On Enlightenment Thinkers
     Tom Richey – Deism
     Tom Richey – Enlightened Absolutism

Social Life

Web Resources

     Virtual Nofolk – Early Modern Social Structure
     Virtual Norfolk – Long 18th Century in Politics
     Dutch Netherlands – Marriage 1500 – 1800
     Orb – Early Modern Women
     Canadian Museum – Women in New France
     Virginia Museum – Muse and Confidant Exhibition
     Society for the Study of Women of the Ancient Regime
     Early Modern Writers – 18th Century
     Index to the Perdita Project
     Women in European History
     Foundling Museum
     Columbia – Hogarth and His Times
     London Lives
     Material Cultures of Knowledge
     Primary Sources on LGBT Sexuality
     Warwick Resources on Poor and Margins
     Data on the Slave Trade
     History and Data of the Atlantic Slave Trade
     Historical Museum of Southern Florida – Slave Ship Speaks
     Eddie Becker – Chronology of the Slave Trade
     Andrew Stuart – Methodism


     Bibliography on Early Modern Economy
     History of Economic Thought
     Raymond – Mercantilism in England
     Waddeson – Trade Cards of England
     Sandwich History – The Cinque Ports
     Minnesota Library – Trade Products
     Carrie Textbooks – Economic Trends in the 16th Century
     Drug Trade in Early Modern Europe
     Ludwig Mises INstitute – Early Speculative Bubbles
     Tulip Mania – Sources
     French Revolution – Le Chapelier Law
     Davanzati – Discourse Upon Coins
     National Health – Health Insurance in 18th Century
     Public Domain Review – Coffeehouses
     Stanford – Locke’s Political Philosophy
     Marxists – Adam Smith
     Origins of Consumerism
     England Enclosure Project
     Class Resources – Enclosure Acts
     Steve, Warwick Uni – Enclosure and Resistance
     Virtual Norfolk – Kett’s Rebellion
     Enclosure in the HRE
     Primary Source – Philip Sydney On Agriculture


     Marriage Project – Motherhood and Mistress
     Radio – Consorts and Concubines
     Colonialism and Slave Trade Conference
     Mises – Physiocrats and Free Trade
     Mises – Natural Rights and Property