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          Al Islam Project
          Intro to Islam
          Islamic Heritage Project
          PBS Islam
          Early Islam Chronology 
          Banu Qurayza Massacre
          Glossary of Terms
          Shia Islam
          Introduction to Sufism
          Islam in India – Delhi Sultanate
          Story in India Timeline
          Islam in SE Asia
          Travels of Ibn Battuta


          Yale Lectures – Muhammed, Conquest; Civil War; 7th Century
          BBC – Story of India
          CCWH Indian Trade



Aksum Unesco
Aksum MMOA

Western Sudan

Exploring Africa: Empires before 16th Century
Exploring Africa: Religions in Africa
History and Culture of West Africa
Xavier University: West African Kingdoms
PBS: Wonders of the African World
World History: African Civilizations
MMOA: Ghana
BBC: Ghana
MMOA: Mali
BBC: Mali
Annenberg: Mali and Songhay
MMOA: Songhai
BBC: Songhay

Medieval Morocco (Almohad Caliphate)

MMOA: Almohad Art

Governing the Empire

Almohad Caliphate

Almohad Dynasty

The Almohads


Spread of Islam

Secondary Source: Africa and Islamic Revival
BBC: Swahili
British Museum: Swahili Coast